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The curriculum is more than a selection of activities and skills taught from a book. Curriculum is the total experience that a child has while in a program. This includes the classroom environment, interactions between staff and children, opportunities for exploration & discovery and planned activities. Our curriculum is play-based. Children are active partners in their own learning and will have age-appropriate opportunities to explore, discover and create. At McKeesport Child Development Center, we believe in developing the whole child. Therefore, we offer experiences that allow children to develop physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.

Physical Development

Children are given opportunities to develop both large and small muscles, as well as coordination and balance. Infants need lots of floor time, with space to crawl, kick, bounce, and wiggle. They begin to use their fingers for feeding. Toddlers love to climb, walk, jump, and run. They begin to use crayons and other art materials. Older children have opportunities to ride bikes, run, tumble, and dance. They begin to use pencils and a wider variety of art supplies.

Social/Emotional Development

Children of all ages develop relationships and make friendships, learn social skills, develop self-control and how to manage feelings.

Intellectual Development

All children have opportunities to explore, create, discover, and problem-solve. Imaginative play and reading are important parts of the day. Children classify, sort and sequence. The development of thinking skills is encouraged in all actives.